Meet our 'head of happiness', Alfie

27th October 2017

Meet our 'head of happiness', Alfie

Our head of happiness Alfie has been with us for 4.5 years. In this blog, he tells us what he loves about his job..

  1. 1. Name

Alfie Byram


  1. 2. Job title

Head of happiness


3. How long have you worked at SB Homes?
4.5 years (that’s how old I am)


  1. 4. What does your job entail?

Well, my dad’s a painter & decorator, so sometimes I sit in his van and wait around until he has a lunch break so we can go for a walk. Other days I go to the office and keep everyone company — I sit under desks and wait for them to give me a treat.

Mainly, I just try to greet everyone and put a smile on their faces, especially on a bad day :)


  1. 5. What do you love about your job?

The best part is lunchtime, for me. That’s when all the nice smells come out, but I avoid Sarah (SB Homes’ project manager), because she always has salad. Steve Mitchell usually has the best lunches because he sometimes gets a fresh pork pie from the butchers.


  1. 6. Why should someone buy an SB Homes property? 

I just think they’re the best — I live in one, so I should know! And I see how much hard work and dedication goes into them, my mum and dad are always grafting!


  1. 7. What’s your biggest achievement in work?

Every day is an achievement in my eyes :)


  1. 8. When you’re not at work, where can we find you?

I live in Slaithwaite so you’d either find me at home or walking around the village with my mum and dad. I love running too!


  1. 9. Describe your dream home

My dream home is anywhere that my mum and dad are :)


  1. 10. Where would you like to see SB Homes in ten years?

I’ll be an old man in 10 years so hopefully I’ll have retired by then!