Our guide to a smooth house move

3rd November 2017

Our guide to a smooth house move

Let’s face it — moving home can be a really stressful process. Lugging heavy furniture up stairs, navigating your beloved sofa around a tight corner and untangling lots of TV wires — it can all be a bit of a nightmare.

So, this guide will help you get organised and might even save you a few arguments along the way!

The secret is in the preparation in the weeks and days ahead of the move…

A month before:

4 weeks before the big day is the ideal time to start thinking about sourcing some good quality packaging. Ask friends/family or local businesses to save you boxes or order them online — you’ll need different sizes! Plus you’ll require strong tape, bubble wrap and old newspapers to avoid any breakages.

You should also have a clear-out to get rid of anything you don’t intend to take with you. Charity shops are always grateful for the donation!

Then, make yourself a list of the non-essential items you want to pack first. These will typically be located in spare bedrooms, your loft, shed and garden. The packing process always takes longer than you first think, so starting well in advance makes sense.

Handy tip: remember to pack heavy items in small boxes to avoid back injuries.

2 weeks before:

At this stage, you can begin to think about packing things from the kitchen, living room, bathrooms and bedrooms — there are items you’ll still need, but spare bedding, your summer wardrobe and books/DVDs can all be sorted, for example.

If required, try to also arrange child and pet care for moving day — it’s stressful enough without a dog running round and kids to think about.

And if you intend to use a cleaner to get your house spick and span, then now is the time to get some quotes and book someone for the day before you move.

A week before:

A week before is when you can start to really pick up the pace. Pack one room away at a time, make clear labels and store boxes from each room together. It will make it easier when you later come to unpack.

If you’ve got access to your removal van at this point, then you can also begin to load the boxes, placing heavier items on the bottom.

Put all important/value items and documents in one, safe place — this includes jewellery, passports, insurance and cash.

A few days before, you should also think about defrosting the freezer, giving you enough time to let it dry out.

A day before:

The day before, pack a small box with the essentials you’ll need straight away — there’s nothing worse than not being able to find the tea bags on arrival! You might also need cups, a kettle, toothbrushes/toothpaste, some clean bedding and your phone charger. Also keep a sharp knife handy for opening boxes.

On the day:

By this point, everything should already be packed away in boxes, meaning that the van can be loaded straight up.

Make all your final checks to ensure you’re not leaving anything. Look behind doors, in cupboards and on your walls — pictures and clocks are often left without even realising!

When you arrive at your destination, the first thing to do is get out the kettle (or champers) and toast to your new home. Then, we’d suggest making the beds — if all else fails, at least you have somewhere to sleep!

Take your time unpacking — this is the first day/night in a house you’ll make lots of memories, so keep your cool and try to enjoy the process.

If you’ve found a buyer for your home and need to move out, then take a look at our houses for sale in Slaithwaite — you could even move in before Christmas!