10 reasons to buy a new home

23rd January 2017

10 reasons to buy a new home

If you’re on the hunt for your next — or first — home, then you may consider between purchasing a new or pre-owned property. Whether you want to choose bespoke fixtures, fittings and layouts, have a safe and secure home, or be more environmentally-friendly; new-build properties have a lot to offer.

Reasons to buy a new home in Huddersfield - SB Homes

Here, we look at why buying a new home is a great move:

  1. 1. Create your own bespoke home — some house builders, SB Homes included, will allow prospective buyers to reserve properties off-plan. That means that you can choose internal layouts, fixtures and fittings, such as the position of doors and plug sockets through to the style of your kitchen worktops. But, remember that the sooner you reserve your home, the more choice you have.


  1. 2. It’s low-maintenance — there’s no need to carry out repairs, maintenance or redecorate when you purchase a new home. That means that you can enjoy your property without the stresses, strains or expense of a ‘fixer-upper’ house.


  1. 3. Your home comes with a warranty — most new properties are sold with a ten-year warranty and protection scheme. For example, SB Homes’ houses come with an LABC warranty, protecting home owners from physical damage.


4. It’s flexible — the home won’t be part of a chain, meaning that you can complete on the property at a pace that suits your financial situation.


  1. 5. It’s secure — new build homes may offer increased safety, as building standards require developers to adhere to strict security measures. For example, new properties will be built with fire and electric regulations in mind, secure locks on doors and windows, and security lights and alarms.


  1. 6. More economically and environmentally-friendly — on average, new build properties are six times more energy-efficient and generate 60% less CO2 emissions than older homes. Not only is that a positive for the environment, but a home owner’s back pocket too. The purchaser of a new two-bedroom property can expect to pay as little as £20 a month on electricity, for instance.


  1. 7. Gadgets — if you’re a technology-lover, then you could be better off purchasing a new home. It’s easier and less expensive to install state-of-the-art gadgets when they’ve been pre-planned. Smart technologies include app-controlled heating, blinds and sound systems.


  1. 8. Specification — newer homes are generally built to a much higher specification, meaning that in effect, you get more for your money. Standard features today, such as en suites, integrated appliances and stylish bathrooms, would be considered a luxury decades ago, and are therefore less common in older properties.


  1. 9. Peace of mind — building standards have grown significantly in the past few years, resulting in 90% of home buyers declaring themselves satisfied with their new home, in a recent industry survey.


  1. 10. Ease — when buying a new home, you work with the property developer to design the home of your dreams — and typically, they do most of the hard work. That leaves you with the ability to choose your specifications and leave them to do the rest, rather than having to build or renovate the property yourself.


  1. So, if you are on the hunt for a new home in Huddersfield, then get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team today: sophie@sbhomes.co.uk.