An open house invitation: The Swan, Marsden

12th September 2019

Earlier this week, we completed on the purchase of a former Marsden institution, The Swan pub.

Previously under Thwaites ownership, the pub had fallen in and out of management, and after struggling to secure a new landlord, the pub chain placed it up for sale. Consequently, the building had been left with steel shutters boarding up the windows and doors, for over six months.


We are therefore delighted to be able to bring this traditional, stone-built Marsden building back to life - and have already begun making headway with clearing the interior of the property.

When cleaning out the various rooms, it quickly became clear that some of the contents may hold nostalgic value to former pub regulars. Rather than resell them, or send them to the skip, we would like to offer local residents the opportunity to visit the pub - for one last time - and browse the items/take away anything they would like to keep, as their own, small reminder of the pub.


Items include bar stools, tables, beer glasses - from various lager brands - brass wares, dart boards, beer pumps and other paraphernalia. There are also useful kitchen items available to take, for free, including plates and cutlery.

The 'open house' will take place on Friday 20th September, from 10am-2pm. For those who can't make the date, please contact Dave Wood on 07952 745081 to make a special arrangement.

We are proud to be able to take this building into its next phase of life, and will be transforming the pub into four commercial units - at approximately 300 sq. ft. each - which will be available to lease in the coming months. 

Upstairs will be retained as residential accommodation.

For anyone interested in taking a lease on the units, please contact Olivia Smith: or call 01484 844311 to enquire.