What it's really like to live in an SB Homes' property - told by Amelia and Simon

6th November 2018

In this blog, our clients Amelia and Simon tell us a little bit more about their experience with SB Homes and why they love their brand-new home...

1. Describe your new home

Our home is a three-bedroom executive property, built with Yorkshire stone and cladded with timber at the front.


  1. 2. How long have you lived in this property?


We’ve lived here for five months now!


3. How did you find out about Empire Works?


We’re from Huddersfield, so we saw the properties when we were out for a walk and had a look around the show home – we loved them straight away!


  1. 4. How long were you searching for a new house when you found Empire Works?


We had been looking for the perfect home for around 5 months when we saw Empire Works. 


  1. 5. What were the deciding factors when you chose to buy this house?


First of all, we couldn’t believe how much space the homes offered, especially compared to most new builds – plus the storage. SB Homes also took our apartment in part-exchange which was a huge help and a very attractive part of the deal.


  1. 6. What was your buying experience like?


We had a fantastic, efficient buying experience on SB Homes part. The legal side unfortunately didn’t go as smoothly!


  1. 7. What do you think to Slaithwaite as an area?


We love Slaithwaite, it’s a lovely place to walk and there’s so much going on in the village! 


8. Where did you live previously, and was it a big change moving to Empire Works


We previously lived at Parkwood Mills in Longwood, so moving here was a big change with regards to the area and the property. We have much more space and it’s a lovely village centre. 


9. Would you recommend SB Homes to other people?


Yes, we would highly recommend SB Homes to others!


10. Do you have anything else to add?

We love our house and are very excited to start our family life here. People always comment on the excellent finish of our home. We never thought we would buy a new build, but absolutely love it. Thank you very much to SB Homes!