What it’s really like to live in an SB Homes’ property – told by first-time buyers Joe and Natalie

7th October 2019

First-time buyers, Joe and Natalie bought their three-bedroom property in December last year. After nearly being in their home for 12 months, they share what they love about it, their experience as first-time buyers and more...


1. Describe your new home

Our new home is a three-bedroom house with an open plan living room/kitchen area and contemporary modern twist throughout.


  1. 2. How long were you searching for a new house when you found Empire Works?

Initially we weren’t in a rush nor looking to buy a home but it was something that we had been considering for a while.

We stumbled across Empire Works on a weekend walk in Slaithwaite and decided to have a look around the show home. At that time, we were not able to move but realised we could reserve a plot as part of the next phase, which would take approximately 12 months.

We loved the idea of reserving a plot and having scope to change the floor plans and layout of our home to suit our needs so went ahead and reserved one.


  1. 3. As first-time buyers, did you have an idea in your head of what you wanted your first home to look like?


As first-time buyers we did have an idea what we would like our home to look like and having a blank canvas to do so was exciting.

Pinterest boards were created and lots of ideas thrown around initially before we finally drilled down on the finer detail. We knew we wanted our home to have a modern contemporary feel without being too cliché yet also wanted it to be practical and work for both of us – and the dog.


  1. 4. Why did you choose to buy a new home over an older property?


We decided to go with a new build purely down to budget and the benefits of having everything new and in good working condition. We were drawn to the design of SB Homes new builds as they didn’t look too stereotypical and they all had character.


  1. 5. Did you make any bespoke choices within your property?


Where do I start! I think every choice in our property was bespoke, as it was our first home, we just wanted to get it right from the offset.

We decided to change the layout of our kitchen/living area to be fully open plan and keep it bright and spacious. We opted for dark green and copper features with an island workspace as a centre feature.

We played around with the space in our main bathroom to allow for a walk-in shower and free-standing bath with some fresh angled tile work to give it a modern edge.

Finally, we changed the flooring in the hall to some patterned tiles to allow for an easy clean up after muddy walks with our dog.


  1. 6. Did you have a preferred area where you wanted to buy a home?


We both liked Slaithwaite and felt like it was an up and coming area. It has great transport links as we both do a fair bit of travelling with our jobs. Also, with a bakery, brewery and a coffee roaster down the canal and being exposed to some lovely walks on the doorstep for the dog it was a no brainer to choose Slaithwaite.


  1. 7. What’s your favourite room in your new home and why?


Our favourite room has got to be the kitchen/living area probably because this is where we get to eat, socialise and relax when we’re not working.


  1. 8. As first-time buyers, what was your buying experience like?


Our buying experience was relatively straight forward to some extent, the challenge was just learning about all the steps involved when buying a house because it can get quite complicated.

One of the benefits of buying a new build means that you are not caught up in a chain.


  1. 9. What do you think of Slaithwaite as an area?


Slaithwaite is a lovely, thriving village and it’s so nice to see new businesses growing in the area. It has great transport links to the M62 and walking distance to a train station. Not to mention having pubs, restaurants and supermarkets on your doorstep!


  1. 10. Would you recommend SB Homes to other people?


I would recommend SB Homes to other people if they want a new build with a bit of a difference.