Get to know our director, Sophie Byram

23rd October 2018

In this blog, Sophie tells us why she doesn’t really have a job title, what her typical week looks like and her favourite part about her job… 

  1. 1.What's your job title?


Although I'm now a director, I don't really have a job title! I started out as an office assistant, but it’s evolved over the years and now my job is so varied that there’s not one title that could really describe my role. As a family business, it’s very much hands-on, and I find myself heavily involved in every aspect of the business – other than the physical construction work!


2.How long have you worked at SB Homes?


I started in September 2012 after I left university. Following four years of studying law it was just supposed to be a stop-gap until I found what I wanted to do, but six years later and I am still here. I think really it was always meant to be that I would work in the family business as I have always been passionate about it.


  1. 3.What does your typical week look like?


Mondays are always a busy day for me. They usually involve a site meeting with myself, the site manager and the architect to ensure our build programme is on track, and we iron out any issues. This normally keeps me busy for the rest of the day; chasing up utilities, suppliers and making sure everything is kept on track. There are so many demands and variables with the building trade and this is a huge part of my job to ensure we deliver on time.



I have at least one day a week mainly dealing with the general admin and financial side of the business which involve dealing with staff and sub-contractor wages, payment of suppliers and general cash flow of the business.


I am also responsible for sales, which involves working closely with Sarah who deals with customer choices. At SB Homes, we are fairly unique in that we offer our customers bespoke choices if they reserve off-plan. It means that when we hand the properties over to the customers on completion they are truly getting a home they have had a huge part of developing, and it is much more rewarding and satisfying both for ourselves and the customer.


Another large part of my role at SB Homes is to deal with customer transactions and oversee the legal purchase process. This involves dealing with solicitors on a regular basis, answering any enquiries that are raised by them and dealing with any queries our customers may have throughout the process.


Finally, I am heavily involved in the purchase of land for our future projects and work closely alongside the architect to deal with planning permission, which often can be the most difficult part of my job.


  1. 4.What do you love about your job?


I love how varied my role is within the company and how much I have learnt and picked up over the last six years. There is really is no substitute for getting stuck in and learning on the job.


One of the best jobs is handing the properties over to the customers on completion day. Often emotions are running high and it’s always nice to see the final product of all the team’s hard work come together and finally see the house develop into a home.


  1. 5.Why should someone buy an SB Homes property?


I can speak personally of the quality of SB Homes’ properties as I am now living in my second SB Homes home. I know most will think I am biased, but genuinely the quality of the finish is, in my opinion, the best around the area.


The level of detail and quality is second-to-none. Our developments are built from dyed and rumbled stone, which gives a much more in-keeping appearance with the dry-stone walled gardens. We truly believe in putting the extra touches into our properties to make them stand out from the average new build. All of our team are passionate about creating bespoke homes, which really sets us apart in the new home market and gives customers a much more hands-on experience when buying their new home. 


  1. 6.What’s your biggest achievement in work?


It is the simple things that I find the most rewarding. I love it when all the team pull together to solve a problem. Nothing is ever straightforward in the building trade and sometimes it can be very stressful, but it’s a great feeling when, as a team, we sit and talk through an issue and come up with a solution.


  1. 7.When you’re not at work, where can we find you?


I love playing netball and this keeps me busy. I’m normally out of the house doing something netball-related 3 or 4 times a week, or you will find me at home spending time with my lovely golden retriever dog Alfie.


  1. 8.Describe your dream home


I don’t have one specific idea of a ‘dream home’. Rather, I have a passion for lots of different types of properties, which I think once made your own is special to each individual or family.


For me working in the new home sector it is a privilege to see everyone’s different take and styles and how they bring their choices together to create their dream home.


  1. 9.Where would you like to see SB Homes in ten years?


I think over the last 21 years S B Homes have been trading we have built a good reputation for quality homes, I would be extremely happy if this continues over the next 10 years and beyond that.