Meet our site manager, Dave Wood

21st June 2017

Meet our site manager, Dave Wood

Our site manager Dave Wood has worked with us for 18 years. In this blog, he tells us what he loves about his job, what his dream house would be and where he wants SB Homes to be in 10 years…

  1. 1. Name

Dave Wood

  1. 2. Job title

Site manager

  1. 3. How long have you worked at SB Homes?

I started working with SB Homes over 18 years ago as a joiner — I’ve nearly been here as long as Stephen, the MD!

  1. 4. What does your typical week look like?

I take responsibility for the overall management of the site and our trades people. I ensure that we meet our deadlines and keep in line with our work programme. I also order all materials, manage health and safety and keep our site in an orderly manner.

But my role doesn’t end there. I am on the phone with the office-based team on a daily basis and we have catch up meetings every Monday morning. Our homes are bespoke, so I ensure that any requested changes are implementable and communicated in time with our workmen.

5. What do you love about your job?

There are two main things that provide me with job satisfaction. Firstly, I work with knowledgeable, experienced tradespeople and we build with excellent materials. Ultimately, this means our homes are of a stand-out quality, and I can hand-on-heart say that I am proud of what we build.

Secondly, and it’s because of this quality stance we have — all of our customers are delighted with the homes they live in. We work really closely with them to create a property that is just right for them. For this reason, we also build relationships with them along the way — I think this is really unique in the house building industry.

6. Why should someone buy an SB Homes property?

There are so many reasons! If I had to pick just one, it’s because our end product is of a superior quality to the majority of new homes on the market. We build with Yorkshire stone; our kitchens are made locally; our worktops are German-engineered, our appliances are all Siemens — it all adds up to a finish that makes people actually say ‘WOW’ when they walk into our show home!

7. What’s your biggest achievement in work?

This is a hard one, but the development we finished last year, Old Bank Works, stands out to me as being a real high in my career. It was an old joiner’s workshop which we converted into 11 apartments and a 3-bedroom house. It was completed on time and to an impeccable standard.

8. When you’re not at work, where can we find you?

I have a German Shepherd called Charlie who has bounds of energy — I walk him a lot. I also enjoy going out for meals, and spend a fair bit of time renovating properties when I’m not in work!

9. Describe your dream home

I would love to renovate an old, detached period property, out in the sticks somewhere. It would have stunning views and be in close walking distance to a traditional pub!

10. Where would you like to see SB Homes in ten years?

In truth, I don’t want SB Homes to become a big house builder — I think it’s important that we keep our personal touch and continue to develop small pockets of land. In a nutshell, I want us to carry on what we’re doing!