New homes are greener on the environment and friendlier on your back pocket

14th June 2017

New homes are greener on the environment and friendlier on your back pocket

There are many reasons to buy a brand-spanking new property — in fact, we’ve already discussed the ten main points in another blog.

But, for a lot of our buyers, one of the prime incentives is that they can drastically cut down on the amount of energy they use. Of course, this is great for the environment, but it’s even better for their back pocket!

According to New Homes, a 3-bed semi-detached Victorian house with some modern improvements will cost £1,670 a year to run, on average. Whereas, the equivalent new build home that has been crafted to modern Building Regulations could cost just £780 — that’s a huge saving of 53%!

So, what is it about the new homes we develop that make them so green?

  1. 1. Our current development, Empire Works, has been perfectly designed to make the most of its location, with all homes orientated south, overlooking Slaithwaite’s narrow canal. We also fit bi-folding doors and glass sun roofs where possible, which open out onto the garden, giving home owners a modern sense of living. This warms up the house during the day time, in turn reducing monthly bills.

  1. 2. All of our properties are built to exacting specifications. We install double-glazed PVC windows and go above Building Regulation standards with our insulation. This improves heat retention, provides a fire barrier and reduces the passage of sound.


  1. 3. We fit underfloor heating as standard in all ground floor living spaces. Not only does this reduce the need for bulky radiators, it’s also more energy-efficient. It operates at a temperature of 40C, in comparison to traditional methods which typically run at 70C. And this gives a home a much cosier feel, as you can feel the warmth when you walk around barefoot!


  1. 4. Our kitchen appliances also improve efficiency. We install Siemens induction hobs which require 15-50% less energy than that of a conventional gas or electric hob. Plus, they have a sleek design and are much more safe — they don’t get hot and also turn themselves off if you forget!

  1. 5. We also install extra features for those buyers who wish to add them. For example, Nest Learning Thermostats allow you to control your heating from your phone, meaning that you can optimise energy usage. Boiling water taps are also popular — they are much more cost-effective in the longer run than a kettle. It costs around 2.5p to boil a full kettle each time, whereas it costs 1p per day to run a boiling water tap.


So, if you’re interested in an energy-efficient new house in Huddersfield, then browse Empire Works here: