Six show-stopping home trends of 2019

11th July 2019

2018 saw our home-buyers bring rose gold fixings, subway tiles and exposed lighting into their homes. This year we have definitely noticed a shift in trends. 

So, whether you’re buying a new house, or you are thinking about updating your property, here are our six favourite trends that will help add the wow-factor to your home…


  1. 1. Brass and black accessories


Ditch the chrome and stainless-steel accessories, as this year we are seeing a rise in brass and black. Black taps, shower fittings and bathroom fittings are particularly popular, adding a modern feel to the home. Plus, black fits with all colour schemes, so you can’t go wrong.

On the other hand, brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the steel accents, adding a sense of elegance to your space.


  1. 2. Geometric patterns


Geometric patterns are progressively becoming bigger and bolder.

An easy way to incorporate them into your home is through the installation of tiles, either as a kitchen splashback or as a feature floor in the bathroom.

Alternatively, if adding tiles isn’t an option, then going for a geometric throw is an effective substitute.


  1. 3. Matte finishes


Helping to give a more relaxed, yet futuristic feel, matte finishes will suit just about any room in your home – especially the larger rooms.

Matte kitchen cupboards or bathroom vanity units are a great way to add this trend to your home.

Another bonus to a matte finish is that it doesn’t reflect as much light, resulting in less marks and dust showing.


  1. 4. Vintage lighting


A trend that many of us might not have thought would make a return to fashion, is vintage lighting.

But a great way to incorporate brass finishes, is the installation of vintage down lighters and pendants, which look great situated over a dining table or breakfast bar.

Adding this type of lighting to your home can transform it into a bright and vibrant space.


  1. 5. Concrete large-format tiles


Step aside subway tiles – large-format tiles are continually making their way into the nation’s homes. 

Whether you choose to have large-format concrete tiles in your bathroom, kitchen or living area, you cannot go wrong. 

Bigger tiles result in fewer grout lines, which creates a simpler, less ‘fussy’ look than a small tile and makes the eye believe that the area is bigger than the reality.


  1. 6. Copper accents


Say goodbye to rose gold and hello to copper!

This year, copper, along with a mixture of other metals, are making their way into homes.

Providing a warm and sophisticated feeling, the textures and colours are best suited in kitchens and bathrooms, covering large surfaces as statement pieces. A quick tip – pair with materials such as wood and marble for a more elegant effect.

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