Using colour to bring your home to life

13th May 2016


When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your new home, it of course comes down to personal preference.

However, there are some things to think about when you’re choosing a colour scheme, such as complementing or contrasting colours, and making the best out of a small space.

Painter and decorator, Ryan Clifford, explains a few useful tips and techniques to consider when decorating your new home:

Dark V light colours

'’Think about the effect you want your colour scheme to have – if you prefer a warm and comforting home, I’d recommend choosing dark colours. They really make for cosy living – dark greys in particular!

‘’But some people prefer a cleaner, modern feel to their home – in which case I’d suggest lighter tones.’’

  1. Don’t forget about the ceiling!

‘’The ceiling should always be a lighter colour than the rest of the walls – a dark ceiling will make the room feel smaller. Light paint makes ceilings appear higher and brighter than they actually are. This is great in smaller rooms such as spare bedrooms or an office!’’

 Contrast woodwork with wall colour

‘’Your woodwork should contrast from your colour scheme – this gives a room a really nice contemporary feel. It works well particularly in light rooms as the darker woodwork will make the room feel lighter in contrast.’’

Feature walls

‘’The use of colour or wallpaper on a feature wall can alter the shape of the room. For example, I’d recommend a light wallpaper for smaller rooms or narrow corridors to create the illusion of space.

‘'Feature walls are also great to liven up a boring room and create a focal point – it’s a bit more fun than paint!’’ 

  1. Choose an overall colour

‘’It would be easy to choose a different colour for each room of your house and just hope for it to work. But unfortunately, that won’t be the case. Each room needs to flow well from one and other – imagine if you could see into three different rooms, and three different colours were blaring out at you!

‘’I’d recommend to choose an overall colour for your home, and use pops of different colour throughout the home to change it up a bit.’’

Whether you have a colour scheme in mind or not, our team are well-placed to advise you on how to make your new home look and feel exactly how you want it to. Speak to our team today: 01484 844311 or