Completing work experience with Steve Mitchell, designer at SB Homes

21st October 2019

Tom is a student at Colne Valley High School, who recently completed a week of work experience with our designer, Steve Mitchell. Before Tom completed his week, we asked him to talk about what he’d learned…

1. What are you studying at school?

I’m currently studying English, Maths, Triple Science, Spanish, Geography and Design and Technology.

2. What made you choose to work with Steve at SB Homes?

I chose to work with SB Homes because I have an interest in construction and graphics. I’m aware that Steve is a designer/architect and that he uses computer programmes to assist him with the design of houses and plans for other buildings.

I also knew that SB Homes are a house building company, which involves a number of different skills within the building trade, such as joinery and brick work. I was attracted to SB Homes as they are a local business who employ local people and invest in the community.

3. What have you learnt whilst on work experience?

Whilst being on work experience, I have gained an understanding of the skills within building construction and architecture.

Throughout the week I met a number of people and have worked alongside them. I now understand how the process from initial planning through to final construction works and how important teamwork and communication is within any workplace.

My week of work experience has provided me with an insight into the types of careers available within the construction industry and has raised my interest levels in this line of business.

4. What are you plans after you’ve finished school?

At present I am undecided on what I want to do after I have finished my GCSEs; my options are further education or applying for an apprenticeship.

5. Have you decided on your career path?

As previously mentioned, I am undecided about my future, however whichever path I decide to choose I intend to give it my all and make a success of my life.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my week work experience and felt welcomed by everyone I encountered. My week was varied and provided me with some knowledge regarding potential careers.